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What To Know Before Undergoing Microneedling

There are a number of cosmetic procedures that you can use to improve your overall appearance. Due to the large number and intense variation in these procedures, there are many that people may not fully understand. Microneedling is one of these procedures that can have a large impact on your appearance but that you may not know much about.

Why Would You Want To Undergo Microneedling?

Microneedling will help to promote skin regeneration and the formation of collagen. As a result, it can be extremely well-suited to treat patients that have visible scars. In addition to being effective for scar reduction, microneedling is also extremely useful for preventing the formation of wrinkles. Not surprisingly, this is a treatment that is often used to address issues with a patient's face or other areas of skin that are extremely visible. Before you decide this procedure is right for you, it is possible to undergo an evaluation that will allow your situation to be assessed.

Will Microneedling Be Painful?

Many cosmetic procedures can be exceedingly painful for a person to do. Due to the fact that microneedling will involve a number of pricks with a needle, individuals can assume that this will be an exceedingly painful procedure to undergo. However, individuals should be mindful of the fact that microneedling is actually a procedure that only causes mild discomfort. Furthermore, this discomfort will pass soon after the procedure is finished. Many patients may experience some mild puffiness after undergoing this procedure, but this should pass a few hours after the microneedling work is completed.

Are The Effects Of Microneedling Permanent?

As with most other cosmetic procedures, the effects of microneedling will not be permanent. In fact, they will gradually fade over time, and a patient will need to undergo this procedure again if they are to continue to enjoy the benefits. This is due to the reality that your skin is constantly changing and regenerating. Luckily, the effects of microneedling are long-lasting even if they are not actually permanent. Most patients will find that these results can easily last for many months before the procedure will need to be done again. To help ensure these results last as long a possible, you should make sure that you are using moisturizers to keep your skin from drying out, as well as protecting it against the sun. The sun can be extremely damaging to a person's skin, and this can cause the microneedling effects to rapidly degrade.

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